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As the evil overlord of your dungeon, it falls to you to defend it from pesky heroes. Build, demolish, and upgrade rooms to customize the layout of your dungeon, attracting heroes to far reaches with treasures specific to them. Hire monsters to fight the heroes as they advance through. Optionally, cackle maniacally as the paladin rushes down your poison hallways. Aim for the highest score possible, but know that even the most feared overlord will eventually fall.

Music used was created by Derek and Brandon Fiechter:


Font created by Saesarez Novandito:


- Game is in a state of art making. Temp art galore.

Version 0.2 - Updated majority of art to non-white squares. Still has temp art for monsters and paladin hero.

Install instructions

To run the game, run the executable.

To read the how to play file, open the how to play file.


Dungeon Lord _Submission.zip 35 MB
Dungeon Lord V0.2.zip 35 MB

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